hobiecat on the beach mother sitting facing the ocean sifting the beach sand and young daughter standing behind her throwing sand in the wind two manatee kissing with heads just above the water and looking up at the camera street merchant weaving baskets from palm leaves sitting shirtless on a wooden box a straw hat shading his face as he is intent on the task colorful bas relief of a clown eyes wide cheeks stylized and tongue from the middle to the bottom  two young women casually dressed sitting in a t-shirt shop door open to the street one girl doing the nails of the other both smiling and talking bowl of just cooked shrimp deliciously tender looking several canoes line up all different colors blue yellow orange red white two young women at the pier flanking a busker dressed as a pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean both girls smiling sailboat sitting on the calm waters framed by a post sunset blissful sky of pinks purples blues a small island in the background key west customs house in full glory the red brick facade dominating the street with people casually about shooting snapshots and strolling with a blue kit electric car turning around the outdoor lobby headstones for cats that lived died at the Hemingway House shadows darkening the moss clinging to the carved names and symbols



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